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Monday, September 24, 2007


Ok lets be honest getting thrown together with 42 strangers isn't easy for anyone, but we are all troupers, and when you are drinking red wine enjoying the Italian landscape, somehow the bonding happens and I forget that I am with a bus full of people my parents age. Maybe its the magic of Italy, but I seem to be actually falling in love with some of my fellow travelers-----
They are so interesting, full of life, have so many stories, and have been through enough that I feel as if I am learning from their experience as I creating my is nice to be with older people since in L.A. all my friends are my age.
I find myself laughing and feeling happy to see their familiar faces as we all take in the Italian sites. As boring as bus rides can be, we all seem to make the miles pass quickly and it's fun to have a whole bus excited for me to see my old German friend INGO who will be meeting me at the hotel tonight-----of course I will be the gossip of the bus and they will be watching my every move, so I better make it interesting!


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