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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well who would have thought that St. Francis of Assisi lived in the most beautiful place YET. The history of this saint is that coming from incredible wealth, he went off to war, ended up in jail, had a transformation, came back to Assisi and stated that he was going to give up all material possessions and live a humble life of compassion-helping the poor, treating all creatures equal. He started giving away his dads rich garments--his dad thought he was going crazy, so he took Francis to the bishop for help. Here is the best part- St. francis waited for all the towns people to gather, and right there in front of the bishop and his dad, he stripped naked and ran off into the hills --telling his father that his only papa now was the big guy in the sky. Somehow he got a following, did some pretty cool miracles, was blessed by the pope and the rest is history. I think at this point if I saw a cute naked man run for the hills, I just might follow him too.


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