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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crystal ROACH motel...

Although the hotels up to this point were pretty nice and one of them right on the water, this last hotel left an impression.
The air conditioning was "broken" and the city noise unbearable--- but not as unbearable as the heat--so we keep the window open and slept to sirens, cats screeching and horns honking.. The last day the hotel manager brought us up a fan. It said "first class" on it to remind us of the level of respect we were getting. My poor roomate Jose was miserable. He went into the bathroom to run a shower, then 3 minutes later I heard a scream---and he came out with a towel wrapped around him, and in a calm gay voice, said
"I am going to let the water run for a while, and I am NOT going to tell you why."
Apparently the water came out brown and Jose was not wanting to discuss.
This, among all the beautiful memories of the trip, was one of my favorite


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