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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well who would have thought that after my italy tour on a bus last year, I'd find myself once again traveling in another country with a bus full of adventurers. I thought to mark the moment I would buy all my friends a keychain to take back with them......the one thing about this trip is all the laughter---as you can see I am hunched over as if in pain from laughing so hard---now I can't remember exactly at what,--I think I named a keychain after each person---and of course at this point everyone had something I could make fun of and the nick-name reflected it---or maybe it was retelling the story of the night before when one of the guys hit his head running up to our room to give my roommate a flinstone vitamin for his on-coming cold-----thats not the funny part---it was the sound he made that woke us all up because we thought a woman was having sex and screaming in ecstacy, but when we opened the door to see what it was, it was our friend on the ground moaning from hitting his head, holding up the chewable flinstone vitiman in his hand, still dedicated to handing off Barney the purple chewable vitamin for my roomy.
The kind of stuff you can't make up like this---are the best moments.....


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