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Sunday, June 15, 2008

smokin the HOOKA

Lets start by saying I am not a smoker ---although I tried in Highschool, I could never get into it. One puff and I would cough for a month straight. Even after it was no longer cool, the thought of purposely putting poison in your lungs was beyond stupidity. Heck, if I wanted to commit to the idea of poison in my lungs I'll just stay in L.A. for that. This contraption was everywhere in Turkey. A Hooka. The idea is you suck in a substance that smelled like cherry, blueberry, whatever you want,and it actually would taste kinda good----if my tastebuds were in my throat. They promised it was all natural and NOT smoke. You don't get any buzz from doing it, just a pleasant fruity taste in your mouth.
Why bother? I say just eat a blueberry and call it a day. But, when in Rome.......or Turkey.....


At 6:14 AM, Anonymous Brandon said...

You are no longer a role model, Rachel. LOL


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