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Saturday, October 06, 2007

well alone in Rome---but not for long! I actually booked a national toyota voice-over, and was able to do the commercial out of a studio in Rome-----then---a wonderful italian named "Marco" showed me around..........
I do believe if you are going to do Rome right, you must have a local tour guide. And his name should be Marco. And he should be sizzling hot and should play soccer. And speak just enough english to say things like "you are so beautiful", and "can I kiss you"
Oh and one last thing--he should have a place on the beach and must be able to pour me fine italian red wine and cook for me.
To really enjoy Rome there are just some things a travel agent can't provide- I had to book this one on my own.


At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Brandon said...

Cool that you're having fun there! I should go to Rome sometime. Actually the place I want to go to is London and see all the Brits.

You're gonna be in a Toyota commercial. I'll try and keep my ears open for when a Toyota ad comes on to see (or is it "hear) if it's your voice.


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