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Monday, December 11, 2006

Camel wear...

It turns out the humps on a camel do not hold water. The humps are made of fatty tissue, the water is stored on the blood! And they can go 2 weeks without water and a month without food.

My favorite thing is their eye lashes...they have 2 sets so that they can shut out the strong sand in the desert storms... and helloooooo -- look beautiful at the same time! They can also close their nostrils if needed, and their coat reflects the sun to keep them cool.

And have you seen their fantastic long legs to keep them away from the hot sand? If I were a camel with the eyelashes and long legs it would be enough to make me put up with the 2 humps of fat on my back.


At 10:12 AM, Blogger KELSCI said...

I have casually watched your show. However, I must say that you are one most lovely lady. You certainly have a lot of "spirit". Good luck with your show. At least you gave the camel food instead of giving him(her) a pack of "camel cigarettes".


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