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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hangin out with the teens....

On my week off from filming, I got a chance to speak at a spring conference of teens-----I had a book signing (of my book "get lucky)
And had a blast for the weekend, speaking, dancing, signing pix, and just having a blast.


At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The top picture speaks volumes.

Millions and millions of volumes.

The picture is not of another oh-so-tired, oh-so-empty American "whoo-
hoo" moment.

No, it is a picture of
a person (you) who has connected
with her audience (behind you) so
totally, the joy is clear and able
to be easily photographed. It makes
me very, very happy to see it--
especially in such a dark, dark

And, it just confirms everything I already saw in your
video of what you did.

Some real love went on at this
thing you did.

Love, photographed.

So wonderful to see it.




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