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Monday, December 11, 2006

ring around the tail-er

I have finally found an animal society that I might fit into. It might take me a while to look good in stripes (especially horizontal) but if I can get over that, i would be very happy.

I found out that ring-tailed lemurs are a female-run society. The gals get to eat first, they get to decide when and who they will mate with, and pretty much run the show. And if a guy gets too close, and they become annoyed, they wont hesitate to smack-em one.

The poor males have to snatch their left-overs, stay close by, make sure the ladies are well-fed, and if they are lucky, once a year one of the ladies when she is in heat, for one day, for few short minutes, will mate with him.

Then just as soon as the romance starts, it is over and the males are back to waiting on these finicky ladies till next year, hoping to get the chance again.

The reason the males have to keep the ladies happy is that he wants them produce the best offspring if they get that chance.

Not sure how we can get humans to catch on to this technique, but I am here and willing to get the word out....


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